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Sociology of Religion: A Quarterly Review
, the official journal of the Association for the Sociology of Religion, is published quarterly for the purpose of advancing scholarship in the sociological study of religion. The journal seeks to publish original (not previously published) work of exceptional quality and interest without regard to substantive focus, theoretical orientation, or methodological approach.

The journal was first published in 1940, and over the ensuing years, the most distinguished scholars in the field have appeared in its pages, including (but not limited to): Nancy Ammerman, Robert Bellah, Mark Chaves, James Davidson, N.J. Demerath III, Karel Dobbelaere, Helen Rose Ebaugh, Joseph Fichter, Paul Hanly Furfey, Charles Glock, Andrew Greeley, Jeffrey Hadden, Phillip Hammond, James Davison Hunter, Otto Maduro, Marie Augusta Neal, Thomas O'Dea, Roland Robertson, Wade Clark Roof, Richard Schoenherr, Rodney Stark, Joseph Tamney, Bryan Turner, Ruth Wallace, R. Stephen Warner, Bryan Wilson, and Robert Wuthnow.

Moreover, some notable sociologists who are not primarily religion scholars have also found their way into the journal: Andrew Abbott, Avery Guest, Irving Louis Horowitz, Everett C. Hughes, Seymour Martin Lipset, Niklas Luhmann, Talcott Parsons, Julian Samora, Max Scheler, Steven Seidman, Pitirim Sorokin, Edward Tiryakian, and Immanuel Wallerstein

The journal takes particular pride in the American Sociological Association Religion Section's awarding their Distinguished Article Award for 2000 to Rhys Williams for his article, "Visions of the Good Society and the Religious Roots of American Political Culture," published in the Spring 1999 issue of Sociology of Religion.

At the same time, Sociology of Religion welcomes articles by scholars at all stages of their careers. Indeed, the journal regularly publishes papers by graduate students.

International in scope, Sociology of Religion is widely used by scholars throughout the world. Nearly 800 ASR members and 700 libraries regularly receive the journal.



Image of David Yamane

David Yamane is an associate professor of sociology at Wake Forest University and specializes in postwar American religion, especially Roman Catholicism. He is author, most recently, of The Catholic Church in State Politics: Negotiating Prophetic Demands and Political Realities (Rowman & Littlefield, 2005) and Real Stories of Christian Initiation: Lessons for and from the RCIA, with Sarah MacMillen and Kelly Culver (Liturgical Press, 2006).

Book Review Editor  

Image of Jerome Baggett

Jerome Baggett is assistant professor of religion and society at the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley. His research and interests include religion, democracy, Catholic parishes and civic participation, and social theory. He is the author of the groundbreaking study, Habitat for Humanity: Building Private Homes, Building Public Religion (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2001).

Editorial Interns  
Hannah Rothman Hannah Rothman (class of '10) is a junior sociology and Spanish double major from the Bronx in New York. She is interested in pursuing a master's degree in counseling after graduation.
Lauren Wright Lauren Wright (class of '10) is a is a sociology and religion double major from San Diego, California. She is interested in pursuing a law degree and plans to do graduate work in politics or sociology.
Past Editorial Interns  
Nathan Frazier Nathan Frazier (class of '08) is a senior political science major and sociology minor from Little Rock. He plays for the Wake Forest baseball team and plans to practice law after graduation.
Emily Mathews Emily Mathews (class of '08) is a senior sociology major and women's and gender studies minor from Williamburg, Virginia. She studied in London in the Fall of 2006, and plans to attend law school and concentrate on interpersonal violence.
Kayla Landers Kayla Landers (class of '08) is a senior sociology major and women's and gender studies minor. In June 2007, she traveled to Ghana as a Wake Forest University Pro Humanitate Scholar.
Marianne wILSON Marianne Wilson (class of '08) is a senior sociology major and American ethnic studies minor from Virginia. She is writing an honors thesis on interpersonal violence in the U.S. military.
Sarah Gay Barnett Sarah Gay Barnett (class of '08) is a junior sociology major who was raised on a horse farm in Kentucky and is an accomplished equestrian. She studied in Barcelona last semester.
Jessica Muscato Jessica Muscato (class of '08) is a junior sociology major and Spanish interpretation minor from Potomac, Maryland. She studied in Chile last semester.
Image of Adam Abelkop Adam Abelkop (class of '07) is a senior history and sociology double major from Alpharetta, Georgia, and a member of Wake Forest University's nationally-ranked debate team.
Image of Lauren Henderson Lauren Henderson (class of '07) is a senior sociology major, who is also minoring in both Spanish and psychology. She is fascinated by the concept of "generous orthodoxy."
Image of Molly Averitt Molly Averitt (class of '06) is a religion major and sociology minor from Dallas, Texas. She intends to work in ministry after graduation.
Image of Lauren Peterson Lauren Peterson (class of '07) is a junior communication major from Arlington, Texas. She is a fan of bowties and Blue Man Group, and is an outside hitter on Wake Forest's volleyball team.
Image of Greg Seltzer Greg Seltzer (class of '07) is a junior history major from Albemarle, North Carolina. He thinks of sociology as a secular mysterium tremendum.
Image of Ben Sinclair Benjamin Sinclair (class of '07) is a sociology major and psychology minor from Vero Beach, Florida. He has conducted research with several faculty at Wake Forest and is considering pursuing a doctorate in sociology.




David Yamane
Department of Sociology
Wake Forest University
Winston Salem, NC 27109 U.S.A.

Postal Service: P.O. Box 7808
Courier: 233 Carswell Hall

Phone: 336.758.3260
Fax: 336.758.1988

Book Review Editor
Jerome P. Baggett
Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley
1735 LeRoy Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94709

Phone: 510.549.5060
Fax: 510.841.8536

Executive Officer
William H. Swatos, Jr.

Association for the Sociology of Religion
618 SW 2nd Avenue
Galva, IL 61434

Phone: 309.932.2727
Fax: 309.932.2282 


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