You can apply for membership in the Association for the Sociology of Religion two ways:

(1) Download the Form below, complete it, and send it with a check to

Executive Office

Association for the Sociology of Religion

618 SW 2nd Ave.

Galva, Ill. 61434-1912

(2) Send a fax, with the information requested in the membership application form, and your credit card information to 309-932-2282.

All fees are payable to the Association for the Sociology of Religion in U.S. Dollars only, by check payable on a U.S. Bank, by international money order, or by Visa or MasterCard. (We do not accept American Express or Discover.) Please note that we must have both the credit card number and the expiration date.

ASR expects its members to subscribe to the Code of Ethics of the American Sociological Association. If you are unfamiliar with the ASA Code of Ethics and wish to read it before joining ASR click here


Name _________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________________



Employer/Affiliation: ________________________________________________________________________

Dept./Position: ____________________________________________________________________________

Phone (Office): ____________________________________________________________________________



Membership includes subscription to Sociology of Religion

Membership Categories (Check One)

Constituent                                          $35.00 __________

Low Income  (under $10,000 a year)   $15.00 __________

Student                                                $15.00 __________ *

Institutional Subscription                       $75.00 __________

*Student membership is limited to persons engaged in full-time pursuit of an academic degree within areas of interest consistent with the purposes of ASR.

If paying by Credit Card:

Card number ____________________________________________________

Expiry date   ____________________________________________________